1990 / born in Kyiv
2008 / graduated from Borys Hrinchenko University of Kyiv, majoring in philology and translation
2010–2013 / booker at 'Star System' modelling agency
2010 / created her first blog at Blogspot
2012 / created an Instagram account (currently 275k followers)
2014 / published her fifirst YouTube video (currently 551k subscribers)
2017 / created 'Stylist' online school
2020 / start of 'Modeisme' educational project
Place in the industry: One of the most popular Ukrainian fashion bloggers who focuses on creating personal style. The pioneer of online education in personal styling in Ukraine. Creative path: Margarita started working at the age of 14 as a delivery girl at a photo studio. She had always been interested in languages so she learnt five at school, and then two more at the university. But when almost ten years ago Margarita decided to begin her career as a stylist and fashion blogger, both these professions were yet not clear to Ukrainians. For the initial two years, she was ignored by brands and treated disrespectfully by 'professional' media. But she continued to work actively, and brands came to her for collaborations – the first ones to do so were not Ukrainian. Now Margarita has a popular YouTube channel and an equally popular Instagram account. She also focuses on developing online edu- cation in fashion and personal styling: her 'Modeisme' lecture project is aimed now only at professional stylists but also at a broad audience of people willing to create their own style. 40 percent of her audience are bloggers and users from Ukraine, residents of former Soviet republics come second, and part of her followers lives in the United States, Europe and even Australia. Work principles: 'My main mission is a fresh look at a person's style as a reflection of their personality. When I first started working with clients, I noticed that their style would rarely cor- respond to their character. This, after all, is not strange because for centuries, style had been based on external factors like body shape, social standing, etc., and not on a person's individuality. I believe it is finally time to change it, that is why I create style for clients based on their character and what they want to communicate to this world.'
Margarita Muradova's summer look.
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