1993 / born in Kyiv
2010–2013 / worked at 1+1 Production
2011 / founded Frolov
2013 / grand-prix at 'Look into the Future' national contest for emerging fashion designers
2014 / Best Fashion Award as Discovery of the Year
2015 / graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
2015–current / instructor at the department of ergonomics and fashion design at KNUTD
2015–2019 / Best Fashion Award as Best Fashion Stage Direction
2016 / Best Fashion Award as Breakthrough of the Year
Place in the industry: 'Intelligent provocation' is the main motto of Ivan Frolov's brand. In his collections, he offers openly sexual looks executed in a very reserved manner. Reflections on female and male sexuality often become themes for his collections. Creative path: At the age of 7, Ivan, briefly interviewed by UT-1 channel at a school assembly, said he would become a fashion designer. He chose his education accordingly, graduating from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. He created his first collection during his first year of studies. He is currently pursuing his research degree and is preparing his final thesis in art history. He founded his own brand in 2011 but did not approach it as a business until 2015. By graduation, he would already be in the official schedule of Ukrainian Fashion Week, holding full-scale shows since 2013. His clothes are currently available in more than 15 stores around the world. He also created stage costumes for various musicians, including Dmytro Monatik and Vera Brezhneva. Work principles: 'My key achievement is my team because no successes of our brand are possible without them. For instance, the pandemic demonstrated how strong we are when we are united. We have endured it without reducing our team or the quality of work. Our team nurtures very familial and equal relationships, and that is crucial for me. Furthermore, we make every decision based on the concept of the brand and the willingness to remain true to ourselves. That is why, professionally, our store list speaks for itself. We are sold in ten countries, and have collaborated with all our buyers for a long time. Many stores do not ever have Frolov on sale because everything is sold out long before sale comes. Nevertheless, despite all achievements, we never stop growing because once you stop, you start moving backwards.'
Frolov mask © @frolovheart
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