/ born in Kyiv
/ graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, majoring in foreign philology
1996 / started working in Eva magazine as the editor-in-chief's assistant
1997-2004 / participated in Parisian shoots of 'Television Centre of Fashion' and 'Fashion Time' TV shows as a journalist and interpreter
2004 / fashion editor at Elle Ukraine
2008-current / editor-in-chief of Elle Ukraine
Place in the industry: Sonia Zabouga is the most experienced editor-in-chief among fashion and women's publications in Ukraine: she has been in this position for more than 12 years, with more than 16 years of work at Elle Ukraine in total. Under her auspices, the magazine's Ukrainian content rose to 95-100 percent, and a website and social media pages were created in addition to its printed edition. The magazine began to actively support Ukrainian fashion and gradually increase the amount of Ukrainian fashion content. Within this strategy, in particular, they launched media collaborations with Ukrainian designers, including Lilia Poustovit, Lilia Litkovskaya and others. At the same time, the publication aims to keep the balance between its fashion and social content. Creative path: Sonia's first informal fashion education was the most prominent Parisian fashion shows of the late '90s. Her most vivid memories from the time were shows by Thierry Mugler, John Galliano and a farewell retrospective of Kenzo Takada that took place in a circus with animals brought specially for the occasion. Experience gained throughout these years allowed Sonia to become the fashion editor of Elle Ukraine – when she took office, the fashion editorial team only had 3 people, and the publication did not put too much emphasis on fashion. Sonia's work as the editor-in-chief began quite dramatically. Her first issue in the new position was the 2008 September issue with 372 pages, right after which the economic crisis struck that fundamentally changed the media landscape in the country. Work principles: 'My life got divided into two: before being the editor-in- chief of Elle Ukraine, and after. I am hypercritical and scrupulous; I cannot settle until I achieve the desired quality. That is why, the main components of success for me are perfectionism, systematic work and a professional team.'
Elle Ukraine April 2020 cover
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