1987 / born in Odesa
/ graduated from Odesa University of Economics
2008 / started working at 'Dress Code' magazine in Odesa
2012 / joined the team of Litkovskaya
2017 / fashion editor at Vogue UA
2020 / fashion director at Vogue UA
Place in the industry: Venya Brykalin is a stylist and fashion director of Ukrainian Vogue, and he also writes professional texts. He is responsible for planning and creating shoots, as well as interviews, analytical articles and promotional projects. Creative path: At 19, he began to compile his portfolio with which he got a job at Dress Code magazine in Odesa. In addition, he was the author of Playing Fashion newspaper, as well as L'Officiel Ukraine, L'Officiel Hommes Ukraine and Helen Marlen Magazine. He later started working with brands and their fashion shows. He styled collections for Andre Tan and Litkovskaya. For some time, he also worked as a creative manager at Sanahunt Luxury Department Store. In 2012, he joined the team of Litkovskaya and worked with visual content and public relations. This collaboration lasted for approximately four years. In February 2017, he joined the team of Vogue UA and became responsible for creating editorial and ad shoots, also working as an author and stylist at He joined Vogue UA's 'On the Six Floor' educational project, reading lectures like 'New conservatism' or 'How fashion designers guess the future' with colleague Tetyana Solovey. On January 1, 2020, he replaced Julie Pelipas as the fashion director of the magazine. Work principles: 'A shoot is like an exam. You come on set and have to demonstrate all you've got. It is a test on the experience you've accumulated. You have to prove you can work, show what you've read, watched and experienced. I believe that our work stems directly from somebody's point of view. Nobody wants a depersonalised product. I myself tell my story in all my shoots and do my best to maintain that one central line', Venia told Nadiia Shapoval in a interview.
Vogue UA shoot. © @venabrykalin
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